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Body Drummin' is a 45 minute class where
you can be you're own rockstar!
Low and high impact options....anyone can do it!
If you can hit things, you can drum with us!
Are you ready for a FUN, UPBEAT CLASS?
Thursday 6:00 PM
$60/month • $10 drop in
High energy class great for all fitness
levels. This class will increase your
endurance and tone your body. The
upbeat music will motivate you and
keep you going, and the choreographed
routines are easy to follow. Some
classes will use bands and hand-weights
for strength training.
Tuesday 6:00 PM
$60/month • $10 drop in
Fitness program that involves cardio
and Latin-inspired dance. Zumba
routines are fun and easy to follow.
Burn calories, lose inches, make friends,
and have fun!
Tuesday/Thursday 7:00 PM
$50/month • $10 drop in
Enjoy all of our classes as often as you
would like for only $95/month.* Contact
Sophia at 216-410-7637 to get started!
* $115 with Zumba
Goal: Burn inches, lose fat, and increase conditioning.
These fun, action-packed classes focus on strengthening your
body while keeping your heart rate up, in order to burn calories
and increase cardiovascular conditioning. You will challenge
yourself using plyometyrics (building muscle power), aerobic
steps, tabata (high-intensity Interval training, turbo/kick punch,
and more. Abs are included.
Monday/Wednesday 5:00 PM
$60/month (cardio/pump combo) • $10 drop in
Goal: Lose inches, burn fat, and gain strength.
Great bodies aren't born - they're transformed! This class
focuses on low weight loads and high repetitions. You will burn
fat and calories and gain strength to quickly produce that toned,
lean-muscle look. This class uses a variety of equipment
including barbells, bands, and dumbbells. Abs are includeds.
Monday/Wednesday 6:00 PM
Tuesday/Thursday 5:00 PM
Saturday 8:30 AM
$60/month (cardio/pump combo) • $10 drop in
Low impact class that uses a weighted hula hoop (3 pounds).
Including hula hoop in your daily routine may help you burn
calories, shed fat, tone your muscles for a slim waist, and lower
LDL (bad)cholesterol. It can also improve your aerobic health.
Monday/Wednesday 7:00 PM
$50/month • $10 drop in
Extreme Pump It Up Fitness
Extreme Pump It Up Fitness
6876 Pearl Road, Middleburg Heights
In the Goodwill strip
(Behind Firestone)
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