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Strengthen and tone your entire body with
our high energy, 60 minute workouts
Body pumpin'
Goal: lose inches, burn fat, and gain strength
Great bodies aren't born, they are transformed! This class focuses on low weight loads and high repetitions. You'll burn fat. calories and gain strength to quickly produce that toned lean muscle look. You will use a variety of equipment including barbells, bands and dumbells.....Abs are included.
Body Pumpin'
Tuesday 5:15-6:15 PM
Thursday 5:15-6:15 PM

Class times may change.
Call for current times.
Classes held at Fitness Plus
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15980 Valplast Drive Middlefield, OH 44062
$45 Per Month, or pay as you go - $10 per class
call Sophia Boyk for details (216)410-7637
challenge your body. . . 2 change your body!®
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